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An emergency is a crisis that overwhelms a society to the point that it cannot cope using its resources alone. Emergencies have natural and/or human causes. Examples include war, refugee crises, famine, drought, floods and earthquakes.

Some emergencies happen suddenly and unexpectedly, but many others - such as famine and war - build up over time. Many crises are ‘chronic’ in that they last for many years and a state of crisis becomes the norm.

Due to their physical weakness, most casualties of emergencies are children. Human Appeal International therefore give children the first priority for aid.

In an emergency, HAI responds to people's immediate needs while prioritising long-term recovery and development. The emphasis is on preventing disasters where possible, and finding sustainable solutions.Our emergency aid effort includes: providing first-aid kits, food parcels, medical services, clothing, tents and shelters.

 Over the many years of emergency relief responses, HAI has established a reputation as a valuable, committed, and trustworthy humanitarian organisation.

This reputation has made it possible to work in cooperation with international aid agencies and government authorities, including the UN World Food Programme (WFP), the UK Department for International Development (DFID), and the European Commission for Humanitarian Aid (ECHO).

 Current emergency relief campaigns include:


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