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Rohingya Muslims in Crisis

In the most recent outbreak of violence, 400 Rohingyans are dead and tens of thousands have fled their destroyed villages to neighbouring Bangladesh, many with injuries.

The displaced have stories of bloodshed and frantic escapes from villages where they had to leave behind all their belongings and in many cases family members.

Since the 25th of August over 380,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived in Bangladesh. many are staying in makeshift tents and most are malnourished and hungry.


“There is an urgent need to ensure that displaced people and other civilians affected by the violence are protected and are given safe access to humanitarian assistance including food, water, shelter, and health services,” Peron said (UN Representative)

Human rights organisations along with the International media have described the Rohingya people as one of the most persecuted ethnic groups in the world. They have no legal protection and are denied citizenship in Myanmar, leaving them vulnerable to discrimination, exploitation and violence. Most Rohingya Muslims live in the impoverished area of western Rakhine State, and are subject to harsh restrictions on their ability to work and travel.  

Human Appeal Australia, together with its field partners, is on the ground providing food, water and medical assistance to help the victims.

With your generosity we will be able to save lives, provide necessities and support during this difficult time.

Please act URGENTLY. Help us relieve their suffering


$100 you can provide food parcel to 5 refugee families.

$125 you can provide clothing to 5 families.

$200 you can provide tent shelter and utensils to 2 families.

$700 you can build a water well with sanitation facilities.

$1750 allows a mobile medical clinic to treat 250 people a day.



 Photos form the field