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Somalia Emergency 2016

The situation in Somalia is dire with thousands of people in Northern Somalia at risk of dying due to lack of water and shortage of aid. The El-Nino drought has exacerbated the situation causing livestock to die and forcing many families to go into debt to survive. Rivers that once provided life-giving water to the people are now running dry amidst the drought.

 Human Appeal Australia, together with its field partner, are on the ground to provide desperate aid and water to assist the victims of the drought and relieve them from the effects of drought and malnutrition. The outlook for the upcoming rain season in Somalia is very low rainfall; we need to act now to curb the effects of this severe drought. Here’s how you can help:


$50 provides a food parcel to support a family

$100 provides clean drinking water for 250 people

$250 can feed 100 malnourished people for a day

$400 can supply a tent shelter for refugees

$3,500 can provide a mobile clinic to supply medical services and medicine to 1000 patients

$4,200 can provide a water well to serve a village


Clean Water & Food Aid Distribution