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South Asia Floods Appeal

More than 400 dead and hundreds injured and missing in Bangladesh, India and Nepal

Millions of people have been affected by monsoon flooding across the South Asian countries of Bangladesh, India and Nepal, putting huge numbers at risk of disease, hunger, and death.


One-third of Bangladesh and Nepal have been flooded. A further 600,000 have been marooned across the low-lying delta region. "Millions of people face severe food shortages and disease caused by polluted flood waters, fears declared that the humanitarian crisis will get worse in the days and weeks ahead”.

Human Appeal Australia, together with its field partners, will be on the ground providing food, water and medical assistance to help the victims.

With your generosity we will be able to save lives, provide necessities and support during this difficult time.
Please act urgently. Help us relieve their suffering


$60 provides 2 families with hygiene kits

$100 provides 2 families with a comprehensive food parcel

$150 provides a family with shelter